The Adventure

Life has been busy at my house these days. School days, soccer games, birthday parties, work, homework, photography sessions, editing....Before I know it another day, week, month has passed. My baby is turning into a toddler, my toddler into a big kid, and my little girl into a school kid. It's so easy to get caught up in the every day routine of it all, and miss out on the beautiful little moments that I used to be so good at seeing.
Having kids has taught me a whole new way of seeing the world. Even the simplest objects can be full of wonder and mystery. A small grove of trees can provide a grand adventure. Rocks, sticks and bugs become the greatest treasures.
Becoming a photographer has also changed my views. The world is certainly more beautiful when looked upon through the viewfinder. You learn to find the beauty in everything. The lone barn in the middle of the pasture, the abandoned building you drive past daily. You notice the way the fading fall sunset lights up the tall grass.
It was this way of seeing that I had been missing, and so we set out on an adventure. With my camera slung around my neck, kids in tow, and my mom along for assistance, we started to explore.
There were fields to walk through,
gates to climb,
and places to stop and rest along the way.
We found lots of bugs,
and logs for climbing.
We were all a little sad for the day to end,
but overall, it was a grand adventure.


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