Old favorites

While dreaming of warmer days and organizing my hard drive I came across some images from over the summer the summer that I love.

Natural light


Self-portraits and family shot

The first two shots were taken using the timer, and the last was hand-held. The family shot was for our Christmas cards. The self-portrait was for an assignment.


Part 3-a few nature shots

Last outdoor-pt 2. B&W

These were all edited using my own actions.

Different conversion on this one.

Sneaking in one more outdoor session-color

I took the kids to one of our favorite locations. I actually had a bit of cooperation from them, but the sun was kind of harsh. It was late afternoon and we lost light quickly.


Even more natural light


Finally some shots of the little guy


New favorites

Taken using natural light in my living room.


Christmas card templates

I have been working on card designs for the last several days and have come up with a few that I like. I am probably going to go with the first 2 for my own cards. I am willing to share the other templates with anyone interested. Email me at: kjbonk@hotmail.com

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I am a photographer specializing in on-location children's and family photography. I have 3 children of my own, and know the importance of capturing kids in their own element.

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