Finally some shots of the little guy


New favorites

Taken using natural light in my living room.


Christmas card templates

I have been working on card designs for the last several days and have come up with a few that I like. I am probably going to go with the first 2 for my own cards. I am willing to share the other templates with anyone interested. Email me at: kjbonk@hotmail.com

Nature photography

Nothing beats getting out with my camera and taking pictures. Nature photography is a nice break from chasing kids and offering bribes. Nothing beats a nice plant that won't run away :)

Photoshop fun

I was playing around with my post-processing the other day and ended up with two images I liked. They are processed more than I ever would a normal shot, but they work for me.



K and I went out scouting new locations and found some very cool places. She has been a very cooperative little model lately, which is great seeing as how the other 2 run from the camera any more.

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I am a photographer specializing in on-location children's and family photography. I have 3 children of my own, and know the importance of capturing kids in their own element.

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